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First Head to Head

December 14, 2017

So a blog dedicated to exploring how to do something would be pointless if it did not compare methods from time to time. With that in mind it is time for the first head to head.

In this corner we have the Youniker lens, and add for smart phones that let’s you, yes you, get that perfect shot. In the other corner we have a Celestron Travel Scope.

Youniker 18x Zoom



While the Youniker kit came with a smart phone clamp, the Travel Scope did not. So an accessory, a Gorsky universal telescope adapter, was also necessary.

First the pics:

On the left is the Youniker shot. On the right is the Celestron shot.



To me the winner is clear. The Celestron shot has better detail. (It is also better exposed, but that hasn’t anything to do with the lens.)

Another point is that both shots have chromatic aberration. What’s that? That’s when you see a colored fringe near and edge in your picture. It happens because different colors bend by different amounts as they pass through the glass of the lenses. All lenses have this to some degree or another, but higher end optics have coatings on them to correct for this kind of thing. It can also be corrected by software such as Photoshop. The aberration is more apparent in the full size version of this image. There is a green fringe in the Celestron shot and a bluish fringe in the Youniker shot.

So better lenses right? In the case of the Youniker, there isn’t anything you can do except post process it out. In the case of the Celestron, I am not sure if the issue is in the main telescope lens, or the eyepiece used. If in the eyepiece, then a multi-coated eyepiece would be a simple solution. Otherwise a new scope would be required.

So the Celestron wins the first part. It has better detail, even though both fail for chromatic aberration.

But now the second part. Ease of use.

The Youniker was difficult to use. It is difficult to mount to the smart phone in the first place. It was difficult to aim at the moon. (And if you can’t just look up and see the moon, what is going on?) The little table top tripod it came with was useless for this task. Once pointed, it was difficult to get focus as this required turning the barrel of the Youniker and then tapping the screen to autofocus.

The Celestron was not a picnic either. Like the Youniker, the tripod it came with was not useful for this task. (I have since learned that these kinds of tripods work better if you do not extend the legs.) Nevertheless, the Celestron was easier to aim then the Youniker.

So the Celestron wins in both image quality and ease of use. Not that this means much. There are better ways to get a moon pic.